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My name is Eric Bengfort.  I am a 2008 graduate of DigiPen Institute of Technology.  I earned my major in Real Time Interactive Simulation (Computer Science) with a minor in Mathematics.

On this page you can check out programming projects I have made, view my resume, or send me a message.

Video games and technology are my life!  I played my first gaming console when I was five years old and I have been a gamer ever since.

When I reached junior high school I decided I wanted to turn my passion for video games into a career.

I have been learning to create video games for the past four years at DigiPen.  I have programmed Artificial Intelligence, Physics, Graphics, and Networking.

My favorite tasks are writing artificial intelligence routines and game design.  Namely, designing the world, levels, characters, and script of a game itself.  Seeing virtual entities behaving intelligently in an environment rich with content gives me the most excitement.

Thanks for stopping by!
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Name: Eric Bengfort