Eric Bengfort

Game Programmer and Designer / / Online Portfolio:


DigiPen Institute of Technology (Graduate 2008).

Bachelor of Science: Real Time Interactive Simulation (Computer Science).

Minor: Mathematics. Member of Deanís List.

North Central Texas College (Graduate 2004).

Associate of Science: General Studies. 4.0 G.P.A. Summa cum Laude.


Languages: C/C++ (6 years), Visual Basic (1 year), Qbasic (3 years), SQL & Intel X86 Assembly (1 year).

AI: Finite State Machines, A-Star Path Finding, Reasoning Under Uncertainty, Neural Networks, Bayesian Learning, Object Visibility Tests, Line of Sight Algorithms.

Mathematics: Calculus, Curves and Surfaces, Probability, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Fuzzy Logic, 3D Geometry and Trigonometry, Splines and Vector Spaces.

Graphics: 3D Graphics Pipeline, DirectX, OpenGL, Advanced Graphics Techniques.

Physics: Collision Response, Force Calculations, Projectile and Gravity Calculations.

Environments: Windows 3.1 to Vista (16 years). Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2003/2005, Sunplus IDE (GPAC), Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint, 3D Studio Max, SVN/Perforce (source control).

Professional: Excellent math, computer, and communication skills. Creative Writing (3 years), Speech Classes (2 years), Spanish (3 years).

Miscellaneous: Standard Template Library, Analysis of Algorithms, Runtime Complexity and Efficiency of Algorithms, Software Engineering (UML), Design and Technical Documents, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance Programming, Winsock (UDP/TCP), File Transfer, FMOD (Sound), Debugging Tools.


Plug & Play Rifle Hunting Game (Q3 2009, 4 person team) [Super Happy Fun Fun]

Software Engineer - Programmer and Designer.

Designed and scripted level files using XML. Coded a tool to generate enemies under a Normal Distribution given a vector of features. Coordinated with publisher to meet expectations. Made use of and contributed to Super Happy Fun Funís ďTech Code Library.Ē Wrote Unit Tests for debugging.

Plug & Play Motion Controlled Sports Game (Q1 2010, 3 person team) [Super Happy Fun Fun]

Software Engineer - Programmer and Designer.

Designed and implemented Character Creation and Customization (Avatars). Wrote entire menu system (Game Selection, Options, High Scores, Saving/Loading, Credits). Bug Tracking with Bugzilla and Mantis.

Strangeways (Senior Game Project, 4 person team) [3D Survival-Horror First Person Shooter]

Programmer / Designer / Product Manager

Designed world levels, events, and storyline. Coded intelligent enemy behavior for player tracking using A-Star path finding and Line of Sight algorithms. Coded enemy flocking formations and group communication to help hunt down the player. Game Design Document and Technical Design Document. Wrote a heads-up debugging tool to display changing variable values in real time.

Graphics Projects: Various 3D environments showcasing graphics techniques. 3D Camera, Scan Line Rasterizer, Clipping and Culling, Phong Lighting, Texture and Bump Mapping, Reflection Mapping, Mipmapping, Linear and Bilinear Interpolation of Colors, Ray Casting, Binary Space Partition Trees.

Past Employment:

Software Engineer - Super Happy Fun Fun. November 2008 - April 2009

DigiPen Mathematics Department Teaching Assistant. September 2007 - April 2008